Architecture is the soul of a building. Subtler elements like shape, design, and purpose all come together to make an artistic statement. Nowhere is this truer than for a commercial building, as the design should reflect both the company and the building’s surroundings.

Designing custom offices or hotels gives the architect and the business owner full freedom to stretch their creative wings. You have to decide whether the building should be a gleaming modern structure of glass and stone or something more contemporary. Either way, the choice is ultimately yours to make.

The environment of the building should always play some role. This is why coastline architecture and renovations have distinct qualities that set them apart from projects built for other areas. If you are building in such an area, you’ll want experienced commercial architects who understand how to manage the architectural hardscapes therein.

DKIM Architect in San Jose, CA offers professional interior design and architecture services that focus on quality, elegance, and durability. Call our architect today for additional information!


At DKIM Architect, we provide creative residential architecture services for the community of San Jose, CA. An experienced architect from our professional staff can help turn any existing property into the home of your dreams. With the help of our architectural designer, you can make the necessary design adjustments to improve the appearance or increase the functionality of your home.

As a professional residential architect, we will handle and review all applicable regulations and codes, provide cost effectiveness through adequate design, consider environmental surroundings and more. Each new home addition or eclectic house renovation project that we work on is an opportunity to create a new and unique solution. We pride ourselves in executing our architectural designs with the best team of craftsmen and contractors suited for each particular project. Whether you’re looking for a modern architecture house design or restore your bedroom, there is no other service to depend on than DKIM Architect’s expertise. There are unlimited of possibilities to what we can build.

Whichever building you’re looking to bring to life, we’ll be able to lend our expertise. Contact us at DKIM Architect today and get quality architectural services in San Jose, CA.


Our residential interior design has a unique aesthetic, which is diverse and always indulging in our client’s fantasies. DKIM Architect’s eclectic interior design is filled with feelings and textures that expands from the complex to the minimalist style.

With our professional home addition and renovation designs, no room is hopeless and all of your decorating dreams can come true. With our kitchen design, this area can be either rustic or sophisticated. If you’re looking for an open and minimalist bathroom design, we can also provide you a customized design that fits your style and budget. DKIM Architect will always focus on space planning when doing your interior, each project will fit your preferences of light, color, space and most importantly is identical to your lifestyle.

Everyone deserves to live in a home that reflects their lifestyle and personality. Let us help you achieve your dream house. Book an interior design consultation with you at your convenience.


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